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Updated date: November 20, 2022


Point-saving plan member:

1. To apply for Harvest House membership, the applicant must complete the mandatory fields on the online registration form and provide true and accurate information.  Applicant can apply free membership program through our online ordering system.  Harvest House-Point-saving plan member earned will be Activate within 1 business days after the submission.If applicants provide incorrect personal information in the result of not receiving any notification, our company is not responsible or liable under any circumstances.

2. The applicant is required to register via the online platform with an email address set up Harvest House-Point-saving plan member account and set up a personal password to view membership information. The phone number and name must be the same as the application form. Each valid email address  address/phone number can only be registered once.

3. Earn 1Consumption point for every HKD$20 spent.To be eligible for membership application, the applicant is required to accumulate spending of 100 Points on one Harvest House-Point-saving plan membe within the time limit of 2 months from the date of first recorded transaction.

4. Only spending at Harvest House Sushi will be counted towards the cumulative spending amount, spending on third-party takeaway platform will not be counted.

5. The cumulative spending amount is calculated based on the original price with 10% service charge while all other promotional offers and discounts are excluded from the calculation.

6. Harvest House-Point-saving plan member must be presented upon payment to record the transaction, and the entire transaction can be recorded on one Point-saving plan member only. No transaction will be recorded in Harvest House after payment under any circumstances. Point Card after payment under any circumstances.

7. Spending recorded in different Point-saving plan member cannot be combined.

8. Record of cumulative spending in a Point-saving plan member will be updated within 24 hours after the transaction. The applicant can check his/her cumulative spending record via the online platform. Harvest House’s record is final and conclusive.

9. The applicant must be aged 18 or over. Each person may apply for one Harvest House-Point-saving plan member only.

10. Any purchases made by the applicant at Harvest House Membership prior to becoming a Membership are not eligible to earn Harvest House Points.


Harvest House Member:

1. Harvest House Membership is valid for six month.The membership validity period will be extended by transaction .Membership with no consumption record within 6 months of the consumption will be invalid. All unused Harvest House Points will be void upon expiration of Harvest House membership.

2. Member can login to Member’s Area via Harvest House website  to check the expiry date of the Harvest House Card. Upon membership’s expiration, member must apply for renewal or apply for a new card in order to enjoy the rights and privileges of a member.

3. Member is solely responsible for the safe keeping of his/her Harvest House member information and password and shall not disclose or divulge such information to any third party.

4. Harvest House is not liable for any loss or damages suffered by member arising from the loss, theft or use of his/her Harvest House Member number or password.

5. If there is any suspicious or irregular activity or transaction relating to member’s Harvest House Card account, please immediately contact Harvest House company limited.

6. Harvest House Member is not transferable or assignable and is for member’s personal use and benefit only. Verification of member's identity may be required.

7. Except where otherwise provided, Harvest House Card cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, discounts and gift vouchers.

8. Except where otherwise provided, member is entitled to earn Harvest House Point upon purchasing regular-priced items at Harvest House outlets in Hong Kong, Harvest House Points are calculated based on the total net amount of the transaction. The amount of 10% service charge will not be counted in calculating Harvest House Points earned for any transaction. Valid for dine-in, takeaway purchase and online takeaway ordering, except third-party takeaway platform. Where the transaction involves the use of any third-party offer, discount or cash coupon, no Harvest House Points will be awarded for such entire transaction.

9. To enjoy the privileges, member be presented upon a valid Harvest House member information at the time of payment.otherwise will can not points be earned or used fthat transaction.

10. Harvest House Points earned will be credited to the Harvest House Card account within 1 business days after the transaction.


11. Harvest House Points used will be deducted from the Harvest House Card account instantly. 

12. Harvest House Points cannot be transferred, gifted away, assigned or otherwise to other individual or Harvest House member, and cannot be combined for use with Harvest House Points in other member’s account.

13. Harvest House's record (including but not limited to the record of Harvest House Points balance in each Harvest House Card account) is conclusive and final and binding on member.

14. Member has no right to participate in the constitution, operation or management of the Harvest House Membership Program nor any right in or any claim to any assets of Harvest House.

15. Member is responsible for keeping Harvest House updated on their correct mobile phone number and e-mail address. Harvest House is not responsible for any loss or damages as a result of member’s failure to notify Harvest House of any change of mobile phone number and e-mail address.

16. Member may terminate his/her membership at any time by informing Harvest House in writing. All unused Harvest House Points will then be void and membership will be terminated.

17. In the event of any breach of the terms and conditions of Harvest House Membership Program, or the use of the Harvest House Point Card or Harvest House Card is unauthorized or arises from act of misconduct, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful, Harvest House has the right to stop one’s participation in the Harvest House Membership Program and/or immediately terminate one’s Harvest House membership or his/her application with or without notice. Harvest House will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting therefrom and has the right to take action for recovery of any loss suffered by Harvest House as a result of the breach of the Terms and Conditions of Harvest House Membership Program.

18. Harvest House reserves the right to terminate Harvest House Membership Program and/or its operation at its sole discretion at any time with reasonable notice, where reasonably practicable, without giving any reason therefor. All rights and/or privileges of an applicant/member shall cease upon termination and Harvest House will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting therefrom.

19. Not every member will be eligible to participate in all promotions and Harvest House may from time to time impose other limitations on member’s participation in any promotion. Member taking part in any promotion shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the applicable terms and conditions which may be imposed by Harvest House in relation to such promotion.

20. All personal information collected under the Harvest House Membership Program shall be managed in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the Privacy Policy Statement of Harvest House.

21. In the event of any dispute arising from Harvest House Point Card, Harvest House Card or Harvest House Membership Program, Harvest House shall be the sole and final arbiter of such dispute and its decision shall be final and binding on an applicant and/or member.

22. An applicant’ s use of Harvest House Point-saving plan member or member's use of Harvest House member is deemed to be an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Harvest House Membership Program,Privacy Policy Statement.

23. Harvest House reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of Harvest House Membership Program or revoke any right and/ or privilege without prior notice. In case of any dispute, decision of Harvest House shall be final.

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